November 18, 2021 1 min read

“Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” - Ibn Battuta

I read this quote recently and it resonated with me as I have just returned from some long awaited travels. I have to admit I had to look up who Ibn Battuta was. He was best known for his travel writings from the 1300s. A little before my time, but if he loved seeing new places and new things as much as I do, then we are kindred spirits.


Like most people, the pandemic threw a huge wrench in my travel plans. So my recent explorations were like salve to my soul. I love visiting marketplaces…the old fashioned kind. I love the smell of spices and the harangue of merchants haggling and the color overload of varied goods spread out on display.


I love seeing creativity expressed through unique hand crafted goods. I am in awe of ancient methods of crafting passed down through the generations. 


It is such a joy to taste the poetry and elegance of simple dishes that tell a culture’s story with the pride of generations. I have so much respect for the artistry used in both the preparation and the visual presentation of these delicious goodies. and enables me to “story tell" through my hand crafted jewelry. I am so excited to create new pieces that reflect my most recent travels. I had to share a few photos from my trip that inspire me. I hope they inspire you too. Now, I’m off to CREATE!

vanessa solomon
vanessa solomon

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