October 04, 2021 2 min read

5 Benefits of Handmade Jewelry that Make it Perfect for Gifting

Handmade jewelry carries a certain allure, and not just because it’s all over Instagram. For some, it’s the individuality that a handmade piece offers. For others, it’s all about supporting local artisans. No matter your motivations, adding handmade jewelry to a friend’s collection (or your own) comes with many inherent benefits.


Here’s why you should skip mass-produced jewelry in favor of handmade jewelry:

1. Handmade Jewelry is Unique

If you ever felt like you’ve seen the same tired designs in jewelry stores or department stores, you’re not imagining things. Like clothes and shoes, jewelry styles evolve over time. But when multiple stores share the same suppliers, finding unique jewelry pieces becomes much harder.


If you think you’ve seen it all, it’s time to consider shopping with a jewelry artisan. Handmade pieces usually come from the creative mind of the artisan, and each piece is unlike any other.

2. It’s More Personal than Machine-Made Jewelry

If you’re giving jewelry as a gift, handmade jewelry is the way to go if you want to leave a lasting impression. Anyone can go into a store, grab a necklace or earrings off a display, and put a bow on it. It’s convenient and nearly effortless.


But choosing a handmade piece takes a little more thought. It’s a more personalized experience because it means going a little out of the way to find a jewelry artisan, explore their collection, and choose a piece that’s perfect for your recipient. No two pieces are exactly alike, even if the artisan designed several that look the same.

3. Materials are Usually Superior

Mass-produced pieces tend to be made from lower-quality materials. The opposite is true for handmade jewelry.


Manufacturers are largely concerned with profits, while artisans are focused on growing their reputation as jewelry artists. This means creating jewelry pieces that are durable, ethical, and will provide years of wear. What’s more, artists usually have more of a personal connection with their suppliers since they are the eyes, faces, and hands of their jewelry business. This means they can take their time and get involved in materials sourcing to find the best stones and metals.

4. Handmade Jewelry is Higher Quality

Materials aside, handmade jewelry’s construction also tends to be of higher quality. Pieces are made on a much smaller scale, which allows jewelry artists to give more attention to each piece. If there is a problem or a defect, it can be fixed before it makes it way into your hands.

5. Every Piece Has a Backstory

Handmade jewelry is a popular gift, and for good reason: the personalized nature of something handmade creates an instant backstory. It’s like two gifts in one! Whoever receives your handmade jewelry gift will know it came from the heart and will connect their jewelry to the specific occasion or milestone. Create instant memories that will help them enjoy their gift even more!


The benefits of handmade jewelry are boundless. Shop my store today to find something unique and gift-worthy.

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vanessa solomon
vanessa solomon

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