Gold Bee Pendant-Rolo Chain- CZ Shackle-CZ Connector Feature-French Bee Pendant-Coin Medallion-Equestrian Jewelry

The French Bee Pendant necklace features a beautifully detailed gold plated Bee medallion and a screw horse shackle with a CZ connector. Both are 18k gold plated and are attached to a high-quality 18k Plated Rolo chain.

This is a beautiful, elegant necklace.
Ideal to wear with a chocker for a layering effect.

Tips to keep your jewelry looking good.

1) Keep jewelry away from water and chemicals.
2) Remove during physical activities.
3) Store separately in a soft pouch or airtight box.
4) Avoid wearing to bed.
5) Gently polish with a soft, lint-free cloth to clean.


🎁 All items come beautifully packaged in their own pouch or box. Gift messages are included.

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